Mercedes Original (MO) Tyres at G Brothers

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Mercedes Original Tyres at G Brothers | Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Northern Beaches Sydney

The MO difference.

When it comes to your particular driving needs, Mercedes Original (MO) Tyres are up to the challenge and enhance the driving experience under Mercedes-Benz standards.

Made to deliver the best Mercedes-Benz performance, MO Tyres:

  • Are specifically developed, tested and adapted to individual Mercedes-Benz vehicle models.
  • Deliver the best interaction of vehicle, tyre and street under Mercedes-Benz standards.

With a selection of four specialised tyres, each developed with up to 1,000 hours of engineering and testing, MO Tyres are the best choice for your Mercedes-Benz.

Tyre types.

Your tyres are the only thing that connect you to the road, so why wouldn’t you demand the best? Take control and choose Mercedes-Benz Approved Tyres to be your four reliable companions on the road.

  • MO Tyres are specially developed to fulfil your driving needs and to provide the safety and comfort that your Mercedes-Benz deserves.
  • MOE Tyres provide safety and enable, even in the unlikely event of a flat, a mobility of up to 80 additional km by a maximum speed of up to 80 km/h.
  • MO1 Tyres are specifically designed for your AMG to provide optimal traction and precision steering.
  • MOS Tyres are engineered to reduce road and driving noise, to deliver an undisturbed driving experience.

What sets MO Tyres apart?

Premium tyre manufacturers develop each MO tyre under maximum Mercedes-Benz quality standards. The tyres have to comply with over 40 defined parameters to get the corresponding seal of MO approval. To achieve the specifications of Mercedes-Benz, the manufacturers must be able to change several points of the tyre:

Mercedes Original Tyres at G Brothers | Mercedes-Benz Service Centre Northern Beaches Sydney

The tread: The tread forms the contact with the road.

The 0° stabiliser belt: The zero degree coverage ensures stability of the tyres even at high speeds.

The steel belt: The steel belt provides driving stability, prevents deformation and thus prevents wear.

The carcass: The carcass, the load-bearing scaffold, ensures comfort and prevents standing plates.

The side wall: The side wall protects the carcass from external damage and environmental influences.

The bead: The tyre bead ensures that the tyre sits securely on the rim and enables precise steering.

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