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Why choose Agility Guaranteed Future Value^?

You've decided on the vehicle of your choice, now allow your Mercedes-Benz experience to be seamless with Agility, the only programme that can offer a Guaranteed Future Value^ for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Unlike traditional lenders, we can guarantee your vehicle's future value, as it becomes part of our reputable Certified Pre-Owned family, but most importantly ensures loyal customers can enjoy the flexibility of driving a new Mercedes-Benz every few years.

How the Agility Guaranteed Future Value^ programme works

With Agility, to determine your monthly repayments, the first step is to select the term of the loan as well as anticipated annual kilometres to suit your business requirements and optional deposit amount.

Unlike traditional loan options, Agility provides a Guaranteed Future Value^ amount that acts like a final payment. No matter the option you choose at the end of the contract, you have the confidence knowing the vehicle's value will match the outstanding balance and avoid any negative equity.

For GST-registered business operators you may receive all the tax benefits of a standard loan but with the added security of Agility.

Enjoy peace of mind

Step one: Select your term.
We offer 12-60 months agreements , so you can select the term that suits your business requirements

Stay in control

Step two: Estimate your kilometres.
An inner-city driver’s kilometres will be different to a regional builder’s. Once you’ve estimated your annual travel, we can personalise your Agility contract.


Step three: Select your terms.
By aligning your terms and payments to when you anticipate upgrading, your Guaranteed Future Value^ can allow you to be behind the wheel of a new model with ease. You can reduce your monthly payments by increasing your deposit or trade-in.

Option to upgrade

Step four: Get on the road.
A Guaranteed Future Value^ gives you the confidence to drive away with the knowledge that you can trade-in, retain or return your vehicle for an agreed price when the finance term concludes.

What happens at the end?

What does the Agility Guaranteed Future Value^ mean for me? Businesses evolve as do individual needs, Agility allows the choice of one of the following three end of contract options; 


Always want the latest model?
By choosing to trade, this gives you the ability to upgrade your current vehicle for a new one and always have the latest in technology, safety and efficiency.


Still love your current vehicle and want to keep it?
By choosing to retain, this gives you the flexibility to refinance or payout the remaining Guaranteed Future Value^ amount.


Wish to hand back your vehicle?
By choosing the return option, simply hand back the vehicle and walk away, subject to the vehicle meeting the Fair Wear & Tear conditions. Protecting your investment in your new van or ute has never been easier.
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^ Agility Finance is restricted to approved customers of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 73 074 134 517, Australian credit licence 247271 on Asset or Hire Purchase Loans (excluding leasing products) & is subject to standard credit assessment & lending criteria. See your authorised Mercedes-Benz Retailer for further details & full terms & conditions (including vehicle eligibility). Fees and charges of up to $1,440 may apply. Any variation of the underlying loan shall terminate the repurchase agreement and your right thereunder with respect to the Guaranteed Future Value^.

^ Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) is subject to excess kilometre charges calculated at 0.15/km in excess of the agreed annual allowance and satisfaction of your obligations under your loan and repurchase agreement. Fair Wear and Tear return conditions apply. Return option is subject to standard credit assessment and lending criteria if you elect to refinance the GFV at the end of the Agility term.