Celebrating 25 Years of Sprinter Van at G Brothers.

25 Years of Sprinter Van at G Brothers | Mercedes-Benz Dealer Northern Beaches Sydney

Here’s to our journey, and the long road ahead.

For more than two decades, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been supporting Australian businesses big and small, helping progressive owners get a step ahead in industries from tech to tourism, plumbing to post.

Made in Germany, built for Australia. The Sprinter’s technological advances have seen many class leading features in safety, comfort and customisation. And whether it’s delivering furniture, kitted out as a motorhome, ferrying fresh food - or forming the backbone of Ambulance Australia’s lifesaving fleet - the Sprinter is still the heartbeat of successful Australian business.

The beginning, and before.

In 1995, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter was born - and an entirely new vehicle category was defined. An evolution of the much-loved Mercedes T1 van, the Sprinter carried forward the best bits of its predecessor - quality, reliability and economy - and accelerated forward with a progressive design focused on technological innovation and driver comfort.

With disc brakes at the front and rear, a more aerodynamic body, and more, the Sprinter set new standards for safety, efficiency and comfort. It was not only set up to handle the challenges of the day, but prepared to pioneer the unforeseen transition to e-commerce logistics. The auto experts of the time instantly recognised that they had found a new benchmark in vans, “Sprinter class”.

Sprinter Van History | G Brothers Mercedes-Benz Northern Beaches Sydney
A standard of setting new standards.

Like the best businesses, the Sprinter didn’t rest on its initial success. Setting new standards in safety, ergonomics, efficiency and comfort became the Sprinter’s standard mode of operation. From being the first van globally with Anti-locking Braking System (ABS) in 1995, to the first with Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) in 2002, to offering extensive customisation by 2006, and pioneering Automatic Crosswind Assist in 2013, each generation of Sprinter was a generation ahead of its time.

The Sprinter made life safer and more productive for workers around the globe, leading the way with innovations like an extra-wide-load compartment door, additional safety airbags, and ever-improving driver ergonomics. And in 2013, the Sprinter became the first van ever to pass the toughest European emissions standards, while still exceeding the tough productivity standards set by business owners.

Today and tomorrow.

Looking to the needs of tomorrow is part of the Sprinter DNA. The Sprinter is now a step ahead of its rivals, making a big step towards an electric future with the release of its first 100% electric model in Europe. Low-emission, reliable and flexible: the new Mercedes-Benz eSprinter combines all the attributes important to fleet operators. 

On the road in more than 130 countries globally, hundreds of different versions of the Sprinter can be configured in the current model. After 25 years, the Sprinter still sets the bar in safety, efficiency, space and comfort. And it’s ready for the next big leap forward in your business, and Australia’s.

Here’s to the next 25 years of over delivering.

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